Rebel Without A Cause - The James Dean Legacy

narrated by Johnny Depp

BBC Radio 2, 27 September 2005

“James Dean is the eternal youthful rebel, rejected, sincere, arrogant, sensitive, feared, confused, unloved.

He was the definitive movie idol. They live fast die young outsider blessed with the looks, the style. With talent and the attitude had captivated a generation.

He died young, achieving cult status and becoming an icon of American culture. When he died at the wheel of his silver Porsche Spyder, fifty years ago, his image of rebellious youth was frozen forever.

Yet, his influence extended far beyond just the image on the movie screen. James Dean represented freedom he inspired a generation of teenagers to break out of their suburban normality and think for themselves.

I’m Johnny Depp and this is the story of James Dean.”

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