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This year we're donating to


IFOD is proud to present the new Depp Fans Fundraising event in honour of Johnny: this year, we will be raising funds for MIND.

MIND is an organization that is very dear and close to Johnny’s heart, and after the world went through very difficult years, mental health has become an even bigger priority for everybody.

Join our 2021 Charity Project, make your donation and leave a message for Johnny.

We look forward to sharing the results of this project with him!

We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. We believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. We’ll listen, give you support and advice, and fight your corner. We are Mind.

After making your donation through the JustGiving.com platform, please come back here and leave your message for Johnny below.

Thank you for your donation.


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Christmas wishes:

Whenever you feel lost, reach for your soul to be reminded that you are loved, lovely, brilliant and valuable. Here are my hugs for you - hope you can feel them; you are not alone

-Leena Batchelor

I could write a book about how much impact you've had on my life. You've helped me through rough patches and given me such joy with your movies, your music and you beeing you! Keep doing the things that make you happy. Keep signing songs, so that I can hear your voice in my car to work every day. You are always with me! And I am ALWAYS with you!

-Lena Sødergreen

I hope 2021 has been a fantastic year for you. You give so much joy to so many people. I will never thank you enough… and I’m glad now to participate for an important organization as MIND is, in your honor. Thank you for everything Johnny. We love you, always

-Elisa Broquin

You are not alone...something that we all need to hear & also something that is not always easy to see. Thank you to MIND for you work. Thank you to JOHNNY DEPP for being the kind heart he ALWAYS is!

-Theresa A.

Johnny, wishing you all the very best in this and the coming years. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in the hearts of so many. You continue to bring creativity, true artistry and joy. Long may it continue. With much love xx

-Valerie S.

All the best for Christmas and 2022 to Johnny Depp, his family, friends and supporters all over the world. May 2022 bring a lot of joy, love, friends, happiness - and finally justice.

-Silke H.

Johnny, be as healthy as we are rooting for you!) And mental health is especially important among all life's difficulties! Hope we all live to see good times. In the meantime, in creativity we can find strength and support. And it is important to know that you are not alone that you are supported.

-Ilona Sotmari-Revai

Learning of Johnny Depp’s Kindly acts, love, patience, humility and generosity towards WOMEN and Men encourages me to treat others as such, as reflections of myself.


Another year and here's another donation.
Thank you for being an ispiration, always.
My best regards, love and respect.


To you, Johnny Depp, to your family, to all those who love and support you I wish you a Merry and Peaceful Christmas. Always surround yourself with people who make you feel good and appreciate you for the man you are, generous, kind, honest, loving. You deserve all the love this world has to offer.


Birthday wishes:

Happy birthday, Johnny, thank you for always being a ray of light in the darkest moments.

-Martina V.

You make this world a better place. Happy birthday, Johnny!

-Emily R.

May you have the happiest of birthdays, Johnny! Thank you for being the most human and caring person I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet on my path. I’m grateful for every moment, every blessing, every high and low. Shine on forever.

-Julia E.

Dear Johnny, your pure soul and big heart inspires me to be a better person. I wish you joy, happiness and a birthday as bright as your smile❤️

-Barbara V.

Happy birthday, Johnny! Your fans love you very much and will always support you through thick and thin. With love from Russia❤

-Natalia K.

A very merry 58th birthday to you, Mr. Depp.

-Macy R.

Thank you for your generosity through the years. You are so inspiring in many ways, that's why today I am so glad to donate in your honor. Happy Birthday! We love and support you, always.

-Elisa B.

Dear Johnny - Hang in there. Lost of people wish you well and are rooting for you to get the justice you so deserve.

-Margaret G.

Dear Johnny, I hope you have a great birthday, surrounded by people who love and appreciate you. I hope you are happy and healthy, on your birthday and every other day of the year. We are all here for you and we will always support you. Thank you for everything

-Ana D.

Happy Birthday JD. Have a Wonderful Day. Thank you for being your true self and inspiring so many every day including me. X

-Roisin B.

Stay strong and be happy, my dear! Not only on your birthday, but every day of your life. You have thousands of reasons to be grateful. You know mine? The day I met you in Barcelona, when you signed my arm at the end of the press conference. That gives me happiness and energy until I can see you again! Johnny, keep being the way you are and thank you so much for being so kind to your fans. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND SEE YOU SOON!

-Eva G.B.

Happy Birthday Johnny!!! I wish you love & peace on your Birthday and everyday! Stay strong and keep keeping on 🙂 Your fans are behind you every step of the way! I am so happy to donate in your honor! We love you and I love you, always! ❤

-Brenda F.

Happy Birthday, Johnny. Sending you all my love and support. Thank you for all you have given us and for showing that we should always be true to ourselves. You are a beautiful soul, inside and out. Xx

-Michelle F.

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp hope you have a brilliant day. Thank you for being the biggest inspiration to me💕 Your fans will always be with you, So proud to call you my idol. love you lots ☺️ xxx

-Lauren Mc.G.

You deserve the world, you have given so much to so many and we will always love you. You mean so much to so many people. Thank you ❤

-Elisa Day

Good luck, health and fun 🙂


Dear Johnny, I wish you the most wonderful, happy and healthy birthday, now and forever! Love you <3


Everything that happens to you matters to me. Happy birthday, Johnny!


Happy birthday Johnny! I wish you well, health, justice, new projects! This world would be much worse without you! My heart and support are always with you!


To the best artist, to the talented musician, to the humble and generous man, to the gifted man I love... all the best JD.. I will always support you.​


May this year be the one bringing you the Joys you deserve for all the joy you bring to us. Per molts anys Mr. Depp!🌟🍀❤


May tomorrow give you joy, love and serenity and may your every desire become reality. Johnny remember that you are not and you will never be alone because we will always be by your side. You are a truly unique and extraordinary person: an example of sweetness, patience, generosity and love and you deserve all that life has to offer. Best wishes for every smile that will make you feel good, for every dream you want to realize, for every hope that will warm your heart ... Thank you for being who you are. I love you so much. Happy Birthday.

-Chiara F.

Dear JD,I donated because I think it's a good cause, and because I think all people should be able to get the mental help they need.The last years have proven that fame and money are no repellent against mental pain and I and so many others have been advocating for you daily on every platform we can.You make the world better through shear kindness and a message of love and acceptance, glad we can repay the kindness.Thank you, happy birthday, and I wish you and your loved ones a quick and final resolution of all the slanderous lies.We got your back.

-Katrien C.

Happiest of birthdays to the greatest actor of our time!! I love everything you've done - on screen and off. Your talent has been a great gift to me as I watch your films over and over. The doctors call it "repetition compulsion". I call it good taste in films. I write about actors and composers who have passed away for the American National Biography (Oxford University Press) from the "Golden Age" of Hollywood (1930ish to 1960ish) so when I call you a great actor, I know what I'm talking about. Of course, everyone's opinion should be listened to. And thank you for your work with IFOD. I fought my back from alcoholism (24 years sober), borderline personality disorder (cutting and burning), depression, and I've had multiple sclerosis for half of my lifetime. I am thankful for any support for my illnesses. My mother refused to believe I was ill and pretty much tortured me with that refusal. Very best wishes always and blessings on you! (Best film? Hard to say. "The Libertine"? "Ed Wood"? It's impossible to pick a favorite. Impossible to pick a favorite Bette Davis too!)

-Andrea W.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more happy returns of this day, dearest Johnny!!! Keep being the light and inspiration that this world so badly needs and keep standing tall. May this new year that you're beginning bring you nothing but the best this life has to offer and all the joy and happiness in the world. You deserve only the very best of everything because you are a rare gem and a blessing to this world! Thank you so much for everything that you do and for all the joy you bring to everyone! Enjoy your special day! I send you loads of love from Madrid, Spain! on"

-Yanira G.C.

Dear Johnny, happy birthday. We, the people, are with you - more than ever.

-Silke H.

Sending love and solidarity. Happy to donate to this great charity.

-Louise M.

Thank you for so many years of joy through your work but most importantly by being such an amazing man. I wish you only the very best for the years ahead.

-Patricia C.

"They called us crazy cuz we never fit in. We never thought of keeping up with their trends, It didn't matter that we weren't on the list, Cuz we were misfits. We were misfits" - The Misfits. I❤️YOU, JD!

-Andreea D.

Happy birthday Johnny 💕 Thank you so much for everything you have been doing for people. I wish peace, health and happiness for you 🙏 Love from Japan


In honor of Mr. Johnny Depp's Birthday

-Inki W.

Hello Johnny. Sending this donation to support the mental wellbeing of others. Happy birthday. Stay well. Be kind to you ❤🖤

-Maatakiri R.

I am happy to support others! For years I could barely support myself but now I am blessed and want to share what I can with others.

-Beth Anne S.

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday Johnny and all my best wishes for the year to come ❤❤

-Agnes M.

Good Johnny !! Congratulations!! I hope you are well and have a good day with your people! A big hug and I hope I can meet you one day in person! They say that dreams come true 🤞🤞✊✊😊😊😘


After the past year of lockdown I think all our minds are in need of some tlc! Glad to donate on behalf of Johnny Depp who has overcome so much. Happy Birthday JD Best Wishes to all from JT!

-Joy T.

Happiest of Birthdays, Mr Depp. Sending you best wishes and hope you have a wonderful Day

-Emma H.

Happy birthday Johnny you are incredible and a great person and I really admire you for everything you do congratulations and really all your fans love you very much

-Kentucky Frances

Happy Birthday and thank you very much for all you have done for other people.

-Marianne E.

Johnny, you are an artist, the most talented actor I know, a great guitarist and a kind, humble, sincere man. Best wishes!


Happy Birthday Johnny Depp, When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people's hearts.

-Katie R.

Happy Birthday Johnny! Hope you have the happiest of birthdays as you deserve the world! Keep being you, we’re with you 💜 xxx


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Johnny you deserve the world and more ❤ With you always ❤


May you enjoy another trip around the sun! The life you have lead has brought magic, joy, and wonder to so many! I am grateful for your strength to endure and your willingness to share your gifts! Peace and love from Colorado

-Rachel C.

Happy birthday Johnny, fellow empath Gemini! You are loved by many. I hope you have an amazing day surrounded by lots of love. We all got your back. Gefeliciteerd like they say in my mother tongue Dutch. Lots of love from my family to yours.

-Charlene B.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Happy Birthday! May you be blessed and get the much overdue justice you deserve.

-Sharon B.

Beloved Johnny in celebration of the Day you were born I have donated to this worthy cause. Know this because of you I am always happy and made it through a bad time. You are my love and my strength. I hope the Pirates Life ring and bangle give you happiness and strength. I am always with you Johnny Depp

-Yvonne DB.

Dear boss. Thank you for blessing this universe with your spirit.thank you for giving us your miracles.sending you the most positive thoughts on your special day. Wishing we could be there in person to tell you like we did before covid. All my heart.


Happy Birthday Johnny, have a wonderful day with you family and friends. We're here for you till then xxx

-Nikki O.

REMEMBER You are beautiful Inside and Out, a wholly Unique Being bringing to the World and its peoples your Unique Blend of Love, Light, and Joy. The Birds Sing, either You are Truly the WORLD'S GREATEST ACTOR, or an ANGEL of GOD Incarnate on Earth, for you LIGHT UP so many. You have grown over the years, like DIVINE WINE, for the BETTER. Every Action, EVERYTHING was Necessary to recognize TRUE Love, a TWIN within Your Own GEMINI Eyes. I AM Honored to be in this AGE on this Earthly Journey With You, even Afar, May you Feel Me. EVERLASTING LIFE, LOVE, LAUGHTER and PROTECTION upon You and All you LOVE!!! 24-5-21

-Shakina B.

Happy birthday Johnny .. thank you for giving us unique and unforgettable moments .. I hope that life finally gives you the happiness you deserve ❤

-Anto S.

Happy Birthday. Thank you for being you! Wishing you the best today and always, Kate x


I hope with all my heart that your day will be great!😊😊 You transform my gray days in full colour days! Happy Birthday!❤️

-Lydia M.

To the incredibly talented handsome debonair Johnny Depp! This donation is very near and dear to my heart! May it go full circle and help those that need it the most! Have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

-Loretta B.

Happy Birthday,Johnny!Trying times will pass, we love you and trust you.

-Alice ZZ

Dear Johnny , i wish you all the best for your birthday ! You‘ re the most wonderful person i have ever met, i love and appreciate you very much ♥️


Dear Johnny, I would like to wish you a very-very happy birthday! I hope it will bring you inner peace and tranquility! I also wish you lots of very interesting roles in films, which will allow your talent shine even more. as well as unforgettable tours with Hollywood Vampires!


Happy Birthday Johnny. Thanks for being an inspiring person. You are strong and you will win in the end. I'll support you always and forever x

-Lakota Di

Happy Birthday, Hero!

-Vito D.

I wish you everything good life has to offer ! We support you always ! Have a Happy Birthday Johnny !


Happy birthday Johnny. Thanks for sharing your talent and kindness with the world. Never forget how loved and appreciated you are. Wishing you all the happiness , love and justice you deserve. Love and support always.​

-Sally E.

In honor of Johnny Depp, through the years, ifod raised funds for

Johnny holding the certificate plaque

February 23, 2020, Berlin

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