Digging Up Mother: A Love Story

Foreword written by Johnny Depp

Digging Up Mother: A Love Story – Doug Stanhope

Dear Reader,

He’s a depraved reluctant visionary and debauched accidental guru who wears old suits that were likely once some dead fucker’s Saturday night prowling outfit – he’s a man of the people who says what must be said for no one else will – total honesty – consequence be damned – no fluffy outside no creamy inside – you get what you get and deal with it – he is our savior – for here in this life where the only guarantee is the ceasing of breath and a healthy death tax for our loved ones he is the one man who dares to plunge the cold dagger of truth deep into the collective brain-dead psyche of our species for the ultimate benefit of all humankind and certainly not since my dearest friend and mentor Hunter have I known an individual with such a profoundly strong sense of moral Justice -it makes me sick so I suppose I must ultimately admit that I do not like this man I speak of I fucking love.

Him being Doug Stanhope.

Johnny Depp

Los Angeles, CA.
19th February, 2016

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