A Christmas present for Johnny

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IFOD presents the 2022 Fans Fundraising.

We’re raising funds for Folly Wildlife Rescue.

Since summer 2022, Johnny Depp is the Patron of Folly Wildlife Rescue.

Join us in wishing Johnny a Merry Christmas!

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Hello, fans! Tap the button below to make a donation to Folly Wildlife Rescue in honor of Johnny Depp! The fundraising will wrap up on Christmas 🎄

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Thank you!

Sandra Hlásecká
I love animals, Johnny, and IFOD page, so it’s perfect combination to donate my money. ❤️ Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year to Johnny, Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust, and IFOD! 🎄🎁🥂❤️❤️❤️
Happy Holidays, hope this helps a little bit.
Adriana Zupancic
Merry Christmas Johnny! All my love and respect ❤️
Andrew Brierley
Best wishes and Happy Holidays!
Carly N
Merry Christmas to Folly wildlife rescue and of course the wonderful Johnny Depp ❤️
Dita Sýkorová
Johnny, I wish you most beautiful Christmas you've ever had. Thanks for being you. With love, D For Johnny, IFOD, Folly Wildlife Rescue: NEVER STOP BELIEVING THAT SOMETHING AMAZING WILL HAPPEN. PF2023
Valerie Speed
Warmest wishes to Johnny, Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust and IFOD. Merry Christmas xx
Elisa Broquin
Merry Christmas✨
Roberta Castagna
I wish a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to Ifod for creating this wonderful initiative and to the charity Folly Wildlife Rescue for all it does to protect animals most in need❤️
Hana Klein
Happy holidays to Folly wildlife, Johnny and IFOD🎄. Thank u for all that u do, making the universe a better place for all. Much love and appreciation, XX
Rachael x
Merry Christmas to JD, IFOD and Folly Wildlife Rescue. A wonderful cause to donate too! Thank you all! 😊
Rita Guitto
Merry Chistmas to Johnny, IFOD and Folly Wildlife Rescue. Thank you for all!
Merry Christmas to Johnny and everyone at Folly and Ifod! 🎄 Thank You for being such wonderful people. ❤️
Stacey Wolpert-Hoffman
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Johnny and the staff at Folly Wildlife Rescue!
Just thank you Folly for what you do constantly. I wish a wonderful Christmas to you and Johnny. You both are so precious. All my love. ♥️ G
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas Johnny! Thanks for all you do to help and inspire others!
Thank you for all the love and support you give to wildlife. Merry Christmas Johnny x
Shakina Bell
Thank you All for your Loving Care and Support of All Animals, big and small! May this lil token Help out in some way. Merry Christmas & God Bless us all, especially Jeff +Sandra Beck, and Johnny Depp
Joy T
Happy Christmas Folly Wildlife!
Amazing work you do. Merry Christmas to all the hard working staff, the animals in your care and all the patrons, especially Jeff Beck, his wife and of course, Johnny Depp. XXXX
Ginger Marie
I’m a bit of an animal rescuer myself. This is a charity that I am more than happy to support in Johnny’s name. Merry Christmas!!! I hope 2023 is the best year of your life!
Clare Capp
What a fantastic charity the work you do is phenomenal & without donations you wouldn’t be able to keep up the good work & another plus is Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck are patrons so its win win really
Debra Watts
I am a big wildlife lover and a huge fan of Johnny Depp, so for me it's a pleasure to contribute. I'm sending best wishes for a very happy Christmas to Johnny and his friends and loved ones. XXX
Berni Edwards
Keep doing your wonderful job
Tanja Keller
Merry Christmas! 🎄💜
All creatures great and small deserve care and attention. Wishing you all peace at Christmas and much strength for 2023 in all you do to love, help and support vulnerable animals x
A worthy cause
Merry Christmas to all! 🎄❤️💚
Jo Mitch
Thanks for helping our wildlife.
Barbara Veronese
Merry Christmas to Johnny❤️, Folly Wildlife Rescue's Staff&Guests and IFOD's Team for the great work!🎄⭐
Deborah Baxter
Amazing Rescue! Love donating to Folly Wildlife Rescue! Happy holidays to all especially the beautiful animals. Thank you and blessings to Mr. Depp for bringing the awareness. Grateful personally.
Merry Christmas Thank you to Folly Wildlife Rescue for all the great work you do.
Debbie Panting
Merry Christmas to the staff and animals at foley wildlife rescue.
Thanks for all you do ❤️
Mandy Pattinson
Keep up the great work!!
depp_head4ever (Lisa)
Thank you to Folly Wildlife Rescue for your work in caring for the animals. Merry Christmas to you and to Johnny Depp!
Medea Tilli
Thanks to Folly Wildlife Rescue for love and care about animals. Thanks to Mr Johnny Depp for his lovely support. A very very Merry Christmas from the buttom of my heart!
Karen Theiss
Merry Christmas
Susie Sorensen
Happy Holidays to Johnny and all of his fabulous Relatives!! Thank you Folly Wildlife Rescue for your great work! Enjoy the holidays….
Silke Hannover
Merry Christmas and a happy 2023 to everybody supporting the Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust and the wonderful Johnny Depp.
Valerie Mariani
Great cause! Merry Christmas Johnny, family and his team!
Well done and thank you 😊
Badgers are my spirit animal ❤️🦡
Debbie Hale
Have a fantastic Christmas Johnny great charity you are involved with xx ❤️
Carol Enson
Merry Christmas, Johnny! You are doing a beautiful thing for your charity for “Folly”. Love always, Carol
Wish Johnny and Ifod a merry christmas! Love,Franca
Tiffiny Vaughn
I have loved nature & animals my entire life. Thank you 😊 for sharing this link & allowing me to give towards your important work. I bid for the cards with Johnny Depp. Thankful to be able to give!
Marta UK
Happy Christmas to all at Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust and to our beloved Johnny Depp 🎄🎄🎄
Mary Denton
Love the work you and other wildlife rescues do and happy to contribute!
Kay Roseff
Love to you. Life is beautiful for these animals because of you and Johnny.
Love from Palestine 🇵🇸
Merry Christmas to all two and four legged creatures with a true heart and a kind soul 🎄🤶🏻🦌☃️
Happy to support such a great charity. A pleasure to support a cause highlighted to me by following Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck and thankful they are Patrons for the charity.
Joanne peckett
Merry Christmas Johnny and the folly wildlife rescue xxxx🎄🎄🎄
Carly N
Merry Christmas Johnny ❤️❤️
Merry Christmas! Thanks for all you do 🐾
Lesley Coltham
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your amazing work
Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄
Thank you ladies for all your hard work & creating this project for a wonderful organization, on behalf of an outstanding gentleman, Mr. Johnny Depp.
Such a great cause! ♥️
Merry Christmas Johnny!
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thank you, Johnny, for always inspiring us.
You're our hero.


In honor of Johnny Depp, through the years, Ifod raised funds for

Johnny holding the certificate plaque

February 23, 2020, Berlin

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